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The CROWN range by Thomson offers PVC pipes manufactured by extrusion technology, with automated socketing to enable easy setup of pipes at work sites. The CROWN range aims to provide quality products at competitive prices. ​All our pipes are manufactured using lead-free additives.

  • Grade: N/A

  • Colour: Ivory-White

  • Size range: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm 50mm, 63 mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm

  • Guage: 4kg, 6kg, 10kg

  • Applications: Plumbing, Agriculture, Residential and civil projects


CROWN LLDPE water tanks

​LLDPE water tanks from Thomson pipe are made with high-quality virgin food-grade raw materials. These water tanks have been designed for domestic and commercial applications. Its triple-layer structure and well-designed lids offer protection from contamination and long durable life. 

  • Colour: White, Black, Blue

  • Size: 500 litres, 750 litres, 1000 litre, 1500 litres, 2000 litres, 5000 litres

  • Material: Virgin-LLDPE

  • Applications: Water storage


CROWN Suction & Pressure hoses

CROWN Suction/Pressure hoses are manufactured with flexible PVC supported by a Rigid-PVC spiral. This interspaced structure allows these hoses to be used for high/low-pressure conditions while maintaining flexibility. The smooth interior provides a low coefficient of friction for seamless flow. 


  • Colour: Green

  • Size range: 32mm

  • Length: 30 mtr, 50 mtr

  • Applications: Industrial, Agriculture

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-13 at 5_edited.png

CROWN Garden hoses

Our garden hoses are made of high-quality raw materials. They are flexible and easy to use. The ridged outer surface allows for better toleration to heat-induced expansion to adapt to varying weather conditions.


  • Colour: Pure Blue

  • Size range: 20mm, 25mm

  • Applications: Gardening, Home - outdoor applications

Crown braided A_edited_edited.png

CROWN Braided hose

Crown- Nylon braided hoses are made of PVC reinforced with nylon yarn for domestic usage applications.

  • Colour: Green

  • Size range: 20mm, 25mm

  • Applications: Gardening, home-outdoor

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