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About Our Founder

Thomson Pipes was established in 1988 at Chalakudy in Kerala by KT Chakkappan Kanichai, who had established himself as an astute businessman with over six decades of experience in Tile manufacturing and other industries. Soon after its inception, the company's reins were handed over to his son, KC Jose. 

KC Jose is credited for pioneering path-breaking piping products and being the torch bearer in revolutionising the industry with PVC pipes at a time when expensive metal pipes were the norm. He successfully popularised the advantages of PVC pipes compared to metal piping in Kerala. Thomson's brand flourished under his dynamic leadership and the active involvement of his capable team. Through his emphasis on quality and service, Thomson was recognised as one of the top 20 brands of Kerala by Dhanam in 2012. He also proved his entrepreneurial mettle by successfully venturing into other industries and sister concerns across south India. His son, Jacob Jose, now steers the company forward, following the path laid by its visionary founder.

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